The core of our company revolves around Management Consulting and its traditional roles of Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing/QA, Implementation, Training and System Support. 

However, as we built our team, we realized clients have needs that can’t be fulfilled under this model either due to cost or time constraints. We built two operations centers (Boston & Chicago) that handle call center services, communication & marketing services, exception management and help desk support. These solutions extend our ability to provide better solutions to our clients. Please find more information on our products below, or how we combined these concepts in our case studies.

Consulting Services:

The core of our company, we help organizations reach their business goals by supporting business processes, engineering, and system improvements:

  • Project Leadership – including project management, executive committee membership, or lead positions within the team

  • Investigations – developing as-is states, gathering requirements, investigating solution alternatives, developing prototypes

  • Business Requirements – helping organizations develop requirements for a project including current state, desired future state, system interfaces, data management, and SOX controls

  • System Enhancements – designing, developing, testing, training, and implementing new systems, extensions to existing systems, or break/fix patches

  • Product Development – helping companies develop and implement new products

  • QA/Test – lead or assist on the testing of new processes and systems

  • Temporary Positions – enable clients to focus on key projects but sourcing resources to back-fill current positions during the project

Business Process Outsourcing:

PartnerSolve's solution center can handle full BPO or be an extension/overflow to your organization. We are able to enter into both short term and long term arrangements and have price points that can compete with off-shore resourcing.

  • Billing

  • Cash Management

  • Exception Management

  • Customer Relations

  • Technical Helpdesk

  • QA / Testing

  • Inbound & Outbound Sales Initiatives

Call Center Services:

We have a modern cost-effective call center for small to medium sized customer care projects:

  • Inbound and Outbound Phone Calls with Call Recording

  • Inbound and Outbound Emails

  • Chat

  • Data Entry in client provided systems

  • Unique voice messaging and call routing


PartnerSolve is solution agnostic. That is easy to say but harder to achieve.

We have specific experiences with solution providers which bias our recommendations if that is part of our engagement. We openly state these biases to help ensure our clients make the best decisions for themselves.

We utilize our experience with certain solutions to make informed decisions, regardless of the label that comes attached to your solution. It is our belief that most projects run over time, over budget, or risk failure because of the human desire to please others. We believe our experience in breaking down complex projects into manageable initiatives drives a higher and faster degree of success.

Some of the industry solution providers we have worked with include:

  • Vertyx Banner® - Full CIS system for utilities

  • Microsoft Dynamics On-Line CRM – CRM tool that can be sized and customized to just about any size organization or industry. Current deployments include utility, marketing company, landscaping company, and insurance companies

  • OpSolve READi® - Full CIS system for utilities and deregulated energy providers – PartnerSolve has also built add-ons to support products and services

  • Oracle & SQL Data Warehouses & Data Marts – Numerous implementations of data marts to facilitate financial reporting, operational reporting, dashboard and process tracking

  • Ring Central – VOIP telephony system including call recording, call routing, and service level management

  • Pure Chat – cloud based chat solution that includes skill routing

Virtual Assistant Services:

PartnerSolve's Call Center representatives are ready to handle high-importance, back office tasks, which are necessary for conducting daily business. These tasks include:

  • Phone and Email Management

  • Schedule Management and Planning

  • Data Research and Entry

  • Customer Support (Customer Services, Chat Support, and Help Desk Services)

  • Check Anything – A service where we reach out and confirm compliance

Marketing Services:

PartnerSolve’s consultants include a team focused on online marketing strategy. This team’s main goal is to generate results. The basic services in PartnerSolve’s Marketing Package include:

  • Website Creation

  • Branding (Including e-mail addresses, logos, business cards, business collateral)

  • Social Media Presence & Marketing including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Blog Creation