Case Studies

PartnerSolve has extensive experience in a variety
of back office systems. We encourage you to look through some of our
business cases to see how we have helped our clients in the past.

Case Study #1:

Company: Large utility company

Business Challenge: The client needed a new billing solution for 55,000 customers within a short time frame that could adhere to their specialty billing practices that included utility leakage billing. They also were looking to facilitate new payment options, enhance marketing capabilities and develop sub-contractor accounting within the system.


The client’s challenges were resolved by PartnerSolve by doing the following:

  • An alternative billing system that was capable of billing items that were not currently billable on their primary billing system

  • Implemented a control environment to ensure entire life cycle management

  • Data clean-up of exceptions that were found due to the control environment

  • Designed daily batch controls to look for bad adjustments and bad work orders

  • Moved from a variable text commenting system to a reason code commenting system to enhance reporting and reduce errors

  • Deployed Business Process Management within the system

Conclusion: The client financial records were reconciled, billing improved from 89% to 99.51%, and non-billing assets were reduced from 4% to .049%. What’s more, Business Process Management within the system reduced training time by 80%, from 3 months to 1 week.

Case Study #2:

Company: Large utility company offering products and services to both commercial and residential customers

Business Challenge: The company wanted to differentiate itself to attract builders and property managers. The client’s contracts are delivered to the Builders & Property Managers, and then need to be transferred to a new owner or a new tenant; all while providing continuous service as to not lose any revenue. Their concerns were contract management, receivables management, and communication and the ability to have a snapshot of the current contracts related to a Builder or Property Manager.


PartnerSolve enhanced a 3rd party billing system to do the following:

  • Allowed delivery to the builders and property manager’s

  • Facilitate builder closings to residential homeowners

  • Provided a continuous service program to property managers

  • Monthly and On-Demand snapshot of assets and contracts

  • Support for special programs (Deferrals, Model Homes, Custom Rates)

  • Designed multiple integration points with two source systems so all systems stay in synch

  • Performed all data cleansing and data migration

  • Defined new business processes and converted to system processes that were specific to the Builder & Property Manager customers and team

  • Custom designed a Property Manager program to prevent assets from not billing

  • Trained customer service and back-office billing support teams and created all end-user documentation

After PartnerSolve implemented the billing system, the client was billing 99.95% of assets on time, significantly reduced receivable and asset write-offs and located over 1,000 previously non-billing assets.

Case Study #3:

Company: A large insurance client that offers customized voluntary employee benefits

Business Challenge: The client was using manual processes and variety of source systems to manage their inbound call center activities. The client sought to have one common system for client interactions that could leverage the data from source systems, automate repetitive tasks and improve customer satisfaction through better communication and being able to measure service levels for all interactions. Working with the client we helped select Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a rapid deployment due to PartnerSolve’s experience in Insurance and CRM systems we offered a fixed bid implementation. The total project duration is less than 6 months.


To implement the CRM System, PartnerSolve worked closely with our client to:

  • Analyze and process the current state of the call center processes for 5 different call center departments and the client’s current data

  • Define the target processes and technical design

  • Developed a solution with simple, automated, repeatable processes for a smoother transition to end users

  • Rapid turn-around of 18 change controls and 84 requests to implement the system within 6 months

  • Trained client representative for on-going support

  • Offered Tier 2 and Tier 3 level support for the entire solution to help reduce total cost of ownership

Throughout the entire project, PartnerSolve delivered industry knowledge, CRM tool knowledge, data integration techniques and process design. This deployment is now the foundation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be utilized as an enterprise tool across the organization.

Case Study #4:

Large insurance company

Business Challenge: The client requested a study of their underwriting service center to determine how their processes could be adapted and/or changed to increase operational efficiencies and ensure service level agreements were met.


PartnerSolve conducted a study of the incoming workflow processes, transaction processing and reporting capabilities, and determined the following:

  • Current method of receiving and processing requests was inefficient

  • Exceptions were getting lost

  • Tracking of incoming volume and reporting on open requests was difficult

  • Volume of requests and their tracking requirements supported the implementation of a tool to manage incoming requests and provide automated work assignment

To prepare for the selection, setup and implementation of a tool, PartnerSolve:

  • Created a list of required tool functionality

  • Identified possible tools and pro’s/con’s for each solution for consideration

  • Assisted with selection of final tool

  • Identified all incoming work and the method in which it is received

  • Identified work to be tracked via the tool

  • Determined tracking requirements

  • Established a standard naming convention for requests

  • Drafted planned routing and work assignments

  • Created list of desired reports

  • Obtained transaction counts

Partnersolve implemented a tool to improve the tracking of incoming requests and provide the management information and reporting needed to ensure SLAs are met – resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Impact of millions.