PartnerSolve has been helping large corporations since 2001.

  • Improving Cash Flow / Financial Risk:

    • Helped an insurance company reduce bad debt /statutory over 90 days by 90% (~$400 million reduction)

    • Improved a utilities billing accuracy from 90% to over 99%

    • Increased an energy marketer's in-cycle (on time) billing percentage from 83% to 99% and exceptions resolved within 30 days to 99.99%

    • Managed the people, process and systems to reduce aging receivables > 90 days by 50%

      (as % total A/R outstanding)

    • Eliminated audit flag for leasing company by designing, developing and implementing

      processes and controls for credit balances (including escheatment process)

  • Implementing New Systems:

    • Design, developed and implement MS Dynamics CRM On-Line system for an insurance

      company in 4 months (from project approval to go-live)

    • Designed and implemented data warehouse combining over 7 different systems to allow

      customer reporting, internal controls and improved management reporting

    • Designed, developed and implemented an entire Sarbenes-Oxley control environment for

      service company

    • Developed a daily financial balancing system which identified issues and helped speed up

      financial closing process at month-end

    • Oversaw the enhancement and implementation of an automated scheduling system across

      multiple systems improving on-time operations by 60%

    • Designed a control environment for revenue and cash management for a services company

      that included financial accruals and actionable exception lists

  • Provided Supplemental Staffing to Accelerate Achievement of Objectives:

    • Held director and other management roles while company when through corporate reorganization

      to ensure stability to their clients

    • Provided flex staffing for an outbound sales campaign

    • Implemented emergency media support by handling over 100,000 emails in less than 14 days after negative press coverage

    • Provided temporary leadership roles within operations and business analysts within a utility company

    • Business analysts for an insurance company replacing Policy Administration system

  • Business Process Outsourcing:

    • Complete outsourcing including the design, development and implementation of billing

      system for service company

    • Outsourcing of call center for energy marketer including enrollment, customer life cycle,

      collections and regulatory complaints

    • Outsourcing of revenue reporting for large utility including the design and development of

      systems to take measurements, report results and identify improvement areas

    • Designed, developed, implemented and maintain CRM system for construction and services company